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PM360 Presents The 2016 Greatest Creators

PM360’s annual showcase of some of the best creative work from agencies serving the life science industry from the past year. STRIKEFORCE explains the creative process behind their campaign and lists the people responsible for working on it.

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For decades, patients with hepatitis C have been living with uncertainty. Wondering what Hep C is doing to their body. And trying to decide when is the right time to seek treatment.

Hep C treatments of the past were harsh, long lasting, and often ineffective. Gilead truly transformed hepatitis C with Harvoni. A single pill a day, minimal side effects, and up to 99% effective at curing Hep C.

Harvoni is the one Cure everyone has been waiting for.

Gilead’s agency STRIKEFORCE Communications developed “I Am Ready,” a multichannel campaign that emanated from a position of liberation and spoke squarely to the insight that patients were Ready to stop living with the uncertainties of Hep C and Ready to put Hep C behind them once and for all.

Today, Harvoni is one of the fastest growing
and most successful launches in pharmaceutical history.

Creative Director: Svenja Timme-Bastian
Agency Management: Mike Rutstein, Patricia Prugno
Account Team: Kashmira Patel, Molly Lasher


For more information, please contact Mike Rutstein, Founder and CEO

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